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TMB SENS Prestained

 Pre-Stained TMB SENS™, ready-to-use substrate for colorimetric detection in ELISAs based on Horseradish Peroxidase labeled antibodies.

  • This patented type of TMB with a red indicator combines all the important qualities of TMB SENS™, eliminating possible mistakes during pipetting. The red color is also useful in automatic analyzers, giving the warning “Reagent low” when it is time for filling up the substrate. The red indicator disappears after addition of the stopping solution and will neither affect the sensitivity nor the stability of the substrate.
  • Ready-to-use, Mono-component, one-step chromogenic substrate containing 3,3′,5,5′-tetramethylbenzidine, substrate buffer and hydrogen peroxide
  • Activity level more than two times higher than Prestained TMB ONE™ activity, resulting in the highest sensitivity and the shortest incubation time in the marketplace
  • Higher superior sensitivity
  • Fast assay development
  • Negligible batch-to-batch variations


  • Free of harmful organic solvents
  • Development time: 5-15 minutes
  • Stop solution: 0.3 M H2SO4


  • At least 2½ years at 2-8° C
  • At least 5 months at room temperature
  • 2 weeks at 37° C


All products are available as OEM components or under our own Kem-En-Tec Diagnostics A/S label.

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