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Horseradish Peroxidase

Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP) is derived from the root extracts of the horseradish plant. HRP uses H2O2 to oxidize both organic and inorganic compounds.

Kem-En-Tec Diagnostics HRP is purified in large scale through the use of benzhydroxamic acid agarose by repeated affinity chromatography of root extracts from horseradish. The result is an enzyme of high purity and high specific activity.


  • BSA free
  • Free of azide, mercury or other toxic preservative formulations
  • Lyophilized
  • The product consists mainly of the basic isoenzymes
  • Activity > 250 U/mg (25°C, Guaiacol as hydrogen donor)
  • Purity number of (A403/A275) = RZ > 3.0


  • 4 years at -20° C


All products are available as OEM components or under our own Kem-En-Tec Diagnostics A/S label.

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