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Enhanced Strept-HRP

Enhanced Streptavidin-HRP

is a HRP-conjugate specific for biotinylated antibodies and is characterized by an enhanced molar ratio of HRP enzymes covalently coupled to a polymer backbone. Enhanced Streptavidin-HRP provides a superior amplification system that enables low detection limits (picograms/femtograms) in immunoassays when only minimal amounts of specific antibodies or antigens are available.

  • Signal amplification
  • Ultrasensitive detection
  • Faster assay time
  • Recommended when only minimal amounts of specific antibody or antigen is available for the assay development
  • Can be used with virtually any biotin labeled probe


  • Streptavidin and HRP covalently coupled to a hydrophilic polymer backbone
  • Specificity: biotinylated probes
  • 1 mg HRP/mL stabilized in TRIS buffer
  • Recommended dilutions: 1:1.000 to 1:100.000


  • 2 years at 2-8°C


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