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Kem-En-Tec Diagnostics develops, produces and customizes critical components in large batch sizes for Colorimetric & Chemiluminescent based Immunoassays targeted midsize to larger IVD Kit Manufacturing Companies and R&D Life Science.


The ECO-TEK® components are reliable and robust, Ready-To-Use (RTU), technology enabled and environmentally friendly. These premium components ensure immunoassays that are reliable & safe for the lab staff to handle – and secure patients an early & fast diagnosis based upon ELISA, Membrane Assays & IHC.


Premium ECO-TEK® Components used by Market Leaders worldwide secure:


More reliable Diagnosis –

  • An assay showing a negligible degree of false positive and negative test results
  • An assay with very low variation from batch-to-batch due to a well-defined QA system
  • An assay with a long shelf life


Earlier Diagnosis –

  • An assay with significant amplifying components
  • An assay with components with a high signal-to-noise ratio
  • An assay with a broad detection limit


Faster Diagnosis –

  • An assay with Ready-To-Use components for high reproducibility & fast processing
  • An assay with components that reduce the number of assay steps considerable


ECO-safe Diagnosis –

  • An assay which is ECO-sensible and sustainable
  • An assay which does not contain any toxic, hazardous or harmful organic solvents or preservative formulations



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